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We offer services in Loudoun and Fairfax Counties of Northern Virginia through our partner locations

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IndED’s mission is to give all students an independent path to life-long learning as productive citizens, leaders and thinkers. We believe that “cultivation to the mind is as necessary as food to the body.” Therefore, IndED prepares students for their futures through personalized, classical and project-based learning experiences led by dedicated Mentors.

At our hub in Downtown Leesburg, we offer comprehensive programs in Science, the Arts, and Civics, which can be taken a la carte or as part of our complete “microschool” education.


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Positive Ally Learning Center is a unique After School Academy. We focus on thirteen different and unique activities which are broken down into three categories: Academic Reinforcement, Organized Sports, and Extracurricular Enrichment Activities. Through each of these activities, our students learn four vital Life Skills: Communication and Interpersonal, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Self-Coping and Management, and Health and Wellness.